Adult Ewe Fair

commences at 11:00 a.m.


South Canterbury Ram Fair - Meat & Wool Breeds

commences at the conclusion of the Ewe Fair

 Ram Fair Entry Form (click to download & print)

PGG Wrightson Livestock

Shrimptons Hill Hereford Ltd, Cannington
750 MA Coopworth & Coopworth x Ewes 
(For sale due to change in Farm Practice)
(Early January shorn)
B J Sewell,  Ruapuna
650 Mixed Age Romney Ewes (Capital Stock)
Mt Peel Station, Peel Forest
550 AD Coopworth/Romney x Ewes (Shorn)
Surrey Hills Station, Mount Somers
500 AD Romney Ewes
Tenahaun Station, Ashburton Gorge
400 AD Halfbred Ewes
Tranquil Downs, Geraldine
350 AD Romney Ewes
(Orari Gorge Bloodlines)
Awarima Farming, Clayton Station               WITHDRAWN
350 4 Shr Perendale Ewes
GM Trott, Tinwald
120 2 Shr Halfbred Ewes
140 MA Border x Ewes
70 MA Coopworth x Ewes
JK Bowie Farms Ltd, Otaio
140 3 Shr Coopworth/Romney x Ewes
100 4 Shr Coopworth/Romney x Ewes
50 5&6 Shr Coopworth/Romney x Ewes
(Ewes scanned 185%)
AW&SJ Gibson, Duntroon
270 3/4/5 Shr Romney/Texel x Ewes
SAW&VJ Strachan, Oamaru
250 5&6 Yr Wairere Romney Ewes
Selling due to sale of part of the property
Lambing 170% tailed to Ram.  Vax Programme 5 n' 1
Horwell Downs, Fairlie
250 5 Yr Coopdale Ewes
Ardmore P/s, Fairlie
200 AD Romney Ewes
Downlands Farm, Rosewill
200 MA Romney x Ewes
HD&MC Kay, Haka Valley
140 5 Yr Coopworth/Texel x Ewes
60 AD Coopworth/Texel x Ewes
P Divan, Fairlie
180 MA 6th 8th & FM Coopworth Ewes (CAPITAL STOCK)
CF Waters, Fairlie
180 5yr Romney Ewes
Four Winds P/s, Fairlie
125 5yr Coopworth Ewes
GJ Steven, Fairview
160 2 shr Romney Ewes
(Waidale Bred)
Cliffbrook P/Ship, Cannington
150 MA Perendale/Texel x Ewes
(x Strathmea Downs, Haka Valley)
Grange Hil Run, Maungati
150 5 Shr Perendale Ewes
SW&CL McCall, Totara Valley (Capital Stock)
150 3 Shr Romney Ewes
Kingsborough Farms, Claremont
130 5 Shr Coopworth x Ewes
Jasama Farm,  Mount Hutt
130 5 year old Coopworth Ewes
Fanning Family Trust, Waikouaiti
123 5 Yr Romney Ewes
53 AD Romney Ewes
Orari Gorge Station, Geraldine
120 AD Romney Ewes
(Pre Lamb Shorn)
Mulvihill's P/Ship, Beautiful Valley
110 4 Yr Romney Ewes
Valley Downs, Waimate
110 AD Corriedale Ewes
FA McKenzie, Montalto
100 5 Yr Perendale Ewes
D R  McCullough, Montalto
100 5 Yr Romney Ewes
KJ&AD McDougall, Lismore - CAPITAL STOCK
58 4&5 Yr Border/Romney 1st x Ewes
41 4&5 Yr Romney Ewes
(Udders checked & Jetted)
Blair Cartwright, Levels
85 AD Border/Romney Ewes
RJ&KR Christie, Beautiful Valley
70 AD Perendale Ewes
NMJ Roberts, Totara Valley
60 AD Coopworth/Texel x Ewes
The Dasher Station, C/o McNaughton Farms Ltd, Oamaru  WITHDRAWN
50 5 Yr Romdale Ewes
Beechfields, Staveley
51 5 Yr Romney Ewes
Madrepore Services, Fairlie
48 AD Coopdale Ewes
James Lilley, Rakaia
30 5&6yr Romney Ewes
IS&KM Wallace, Pleasant Point
27 AD Coopdale Ewes 
JA&KH Tiffen, Makikihi
18 AD Border x Ewes

Our tallies as at Sunday 27th January = 7974

Peter Walsh & Associates

H & JG Lane, Fairlie
300 2Shr Perendale Ewes
280 3Shr Perendale Ewes
250 4Shr Perendale Ewes
200 5Shr Perendale Ewes
120 2Shr Romney Texel X Ewes
100 3Shr Perendale/Kelso Maternal X Ewes
  80 2Shr Romney X Ewes
(Capital Stock, The above ewes are Newhaven Bloodlines purchased as Hoggets ex Braemar Station, Dipped & PLS)
Braemar Station, Lake Pukaki
300 AD Perendale Ewes
100 5Yr & 6Yr Perendale Ewes
100 4th & 6th Perendale Ewes
(Ewes will be mouthed & uddered, Campy/Toxo/5n1 Vaccination Program)
PM Campbell, Totara Valley
250 Ma Romdale Ewes
140 2Shr Coopworth/Texel X Ewes
100 3Shr Coopworth/Texel X Ewes 
Holme Station Farm Ltd, Holme Station
390 4th Romney Ewes
  50 AD Romney Ewes
Glen-airin Farm, Wanaka
340 1Yr Romdale Ewes
Tararua Partnership, Hakataramea
200 2Shr Romdale Ewes (Capital Stock)
70 2th Perendale Ewes
50 2th Romney X Ewes
Holmac Pastoral Partnership, Temuka
135 MA Romdale Ewes
Jasama Farm, Mt Hutt
100 5Yr Coopworth Ewes
Glenburie Park Ltd, Fairlie
100 5Yr Coopworth/Texel X Ewes
(Lamb 150%, Campy/Toxo/5n1 Vaccination Program)
Coolgardie Station, Burkes Pass
86 AD Romney X Ewes
Awakino Station, Kurow
65 2Shr Halfbred Ewes

Our entries as at 1.00pm 29.01.19 -3906

Rural Livestock

S Hughes, Ashburton
4 Polled Dorset Rams
Goldwyn Angus Ltd, Hunter
300 M/A Romdale Ewes
D R Martin
100 Coopworth 2th Ewes

P.G Wilson 

3 1Shr South Suffolk Rams Flock 108