Hazlett Livestock
JP & LB Chamberlain
3 South Suffolk Rams

Peter Walsh & Associates
AH & JR Wilkinson, Chertsey (in conj. with PGGW)
1600 MA Romney Ewes
Braemar Station Ltd, Lake Pukaki
200 MA Perendale Ewes
400 AD Perendale Ewes
(Toxo, Compo 5 n 1 vaccination program. New Haven Genetics) 
Sheardale Ltd, Maungati
250 1 & 2 Year Turanganui Ewes
250 1 & 2 Year Perendale Ewes - scanned 178% last season
Glenleigh Agriculture Ltd, Totara Valley
150 MA Wairere Romney Ewes
250 AD Wairere Romney Ewes
Scanning 180%. Full Vaccination Programme

GD & NJ Manchester, Taiko _____withdrawn___
350 1 & 2 Yr Turanganui Romney Ewes

Hartnett Farms Ltd, Timaru
310 3Shear Genuine 1st X Border Romney Ewes - Campo/Toxo Vaccination Programme. Tailed 175%. January Shorn 
Tranquil Downs Ltd, Geraldine
150 4&5 Yr Perendale X Ewes
  50 4&5 Yr Romdale Ewes
Woodlands Farm Partnership, Waimate
90 Texel X Ewes - Full Mouth
80 Texel X Ewes  - 6th
The Hectors Ltd, Oamaru
90 5 Yr Romdale Ewes
Andrew Swann Contracting Ltd, Fairlie
70 4 Tooth Tefrom (Texel East Friesian Romney X) Ewes
JC Daly, Timaru
45 AD Longdown Ewes
Aurora Studs, David Robertson, Palmerston
8 Romney Rams

Our entries as at 04.02.20 - 4098

Stradbrook Farms - WITHDRAWN
70 Romney Ewes
Marie Quinn, Ashburton
3 South Suffolk Rams
Peter Wilson, Ashburton
3 South Suffolk Rams
H Medlicott, Oamaru
50 Poll Dorset Mixed Age Ewes
N & M Carr, Mayfield
1 Suffolk Ram
2 Suffolk Texel Rams

Rural Livestock

2 Poll Dorset 2th Rams
3 Poll Dorset/Southdown cross 2th Rams
3 Poll Dorset/Suffolk cross Rams
3 Suffolk 2th Rams
C R & J Cawood
90 Coopworth/Texel Ewes
arie Quinn
2 South Suffolk Rams
Peter Wilson
3 South Suffolk Rams

PGG Wrightson Livestock


AH & JR Wilkinson,  Chertsey (Capital Stock) - In Conjunction with PWA
1600 Mixed Age Romney Ewes
EV&CG Prattley, Woodbury
260 4th Coopworth Ewes
260 6th Coopworth Ewes
250 4 Yr Coopworth Ewes
100 5 Yr Coopworth Ewes
Being sold due to change of Farming Policy
Burnett Valley Trust, Cannington
850 2-3-4-5 Shr Perendale/Texel x Ewes
Being sold due to change in Farming Policy    
AM Gillies, Fairlie
470 MA Coopworth Ewes
Being sold due to change in Farming Policy
The younger age groups will be drafted into their lines


Surrey Hills Station,  Mount Somers
450 Annual Draft Romney Ewes
Pareora Downs, Taiko
450 4 Shr Romdale & Romney/Texel Ewes
Toxo/Campi & 5:1 Vaccinated.  Scanned 178%
A&J Hurst, Fairlie
400 5Yr Coopworth Ewes
Tranquil Downs, Geraldine
350 AD Romney Ewes (x Orari Gorge Station)
110 AD Romney Ewes
Mt Peel Station, Peel Forest
450 AD Coopworth/Romney x Ewes (shorn)
Tenahaun Station,  Ashburton Gorge
400 Annual Draft Halfbred Ewes
PJ Divan, Fairlie
160 5 Yr Longdown Ewes
70 5 Yr Romdale Ewes
60 MA Perendale Ewes
Cliffbrook P/Ship, Cannington
130 5 Yr Perendale/Texel x Ewes
90 MA Perendale/Texel x Ewes
F Waters, Fairlie
170 5 Yr Romney Ewes
Kingsborough Farm, Timaru

150 AD Coopworth Ewes
Fanning Family Trust, Waikouaiti
60 3&4 Shr Romney Ewes
90 5 Yr Ewes
Mulvi-Hills P/Ship, Beautiful Valley
140 4 Yr Romney Ewes
Orari Gorge Station, Geraldine
110 ADRomney Ewes (Pre lamb shorn)
JS&CJ Crawford, Cannington
110 2/3/4/5 Shr 1/4 Bred Ewes
BR&KL Hammond, Four Peaks
105 AD Romney Ewes     
Growmore Farm, Fairlie
260 4th Highland Ewes
260 4 Yr Wairere Inverdale x Ewes
NDW Patrick, Gapes Valley
100 AD Romney Ewes
F A McKenzie,  Montalto
90 Annual Draft Perendale Ewes     
T&S Mallinson, Little River
80 MA Halfbred Ewes
MJ&LE Crossen, Southburn
60 AD Border Romney Ewes
Beechwood Ltd,  Staveley
50 Annual Draft Romney Ewes     
P Murphy, Fairlie
45 AD Border Romney Ewes
J Gaffney, Kerrytown
4 Suffolk Ewes
10 Romney x Ewes
5 2th Texel Ewes

Total Ewes as at 3 February = 8644


JG Campbell, Pleasant Point
6 2rh Border Leicester Rams
AW&JH Adams, Christchurch
4 2th Suffolk Rams

Total Rams as at 3 February = 65 as per attached catalogue

                                Tainui Farm, AW&DM Millar, Temuka   ---Withdrawn----
600 3,4,5 Shr Coopworth Ewes
Being sold due to Lease Expiring

                                Glentohi P/Ship, Timaru   -----Withdrawn---
350 AD Romney Ewes
                                Craigmore Station, Maungati --------Withdrawn-----
                                350 5 Shr Coopworth/Romney Ewes
                                Metcalf P/Ship, Southburn ----------Withdrawn-----
                                350 MA Coopdale Ewes
                                HR&H Thomson, Southburn ----------Withdrawn-----
                                300 3 Shr Romdale Ewes
Holmac Pastoral, Albury           ---- Withdrawn ----
240 1&2 Yr Romney/Texel x Ewes
(x Clayton Station)
                                Knocklyn Holdings Ltd, Woodbury     -----Withdrawn----
200 AD Romney Ewes
Manahune Stn, Albury   ---- Withdrawn------
180 AD Perendale Ewes
                                Downlands P/Ship, Timaru  ----Withdrawn-----
                               120 2 Sh Romney X Ewes               
                          (Lambed as 2ths)     
                           Clayton Station, Fairlie    -----Withdrawn----
                           115 1&2 Yr Romney/Texel x Ewes
                               GB Patterson, Mt Nimrod   ---Withdrawn----
                           100 AD Perendale Ewes
                               Strugglers Ridge, Waitawa    ---Withdrawn----
                               80 3-4-5 Shr Romney x Ewes
                               D Carter, Raincliff                  ---- Withdrawn -----
                          50 3 Shr Coopworth/Texel x Ewes