Approximate Tallies for Sale - All Firms:
PGG Wrightson Livestock

Fisher Family P/Ship, Temuka - C10

15 Hereford Friesian x Steers Calves

10 Friesian x Steer Calves

15 Hereford Friesian x Heifer Calves

10 Friesian x Heifer Calves

BJ Gray, Staveley - CM
10 R2 Angus Steers
8 R2 Angus Heifers
20 R2 Hereford Friesian x Steers
NJ&DA Andrews, Ashburton - CM
12 18mth Friesian Hereford x Steers
15 18mth Friesian Hereford x Heifers
Ellis Lea Farms - C10
20 2 Yr Friesian Heifers (Empty)
Annafield Dairy - C10
20 18 Mth Jersey Bulls
Isa Holdings, Oamaru - C10
14 R2 Friesian & Friesian x Heifers (Empty)
C&A Donehue, Temuka - CM
4 Murray Grey x Steer Calves
10 Murray Grey x Heifer Calves
B&R Kershaw, Ashburton - CM
8 18mth Friesian Steers
1 18mth Hereford x Steer
NMJ Roberts, Totara Valley - CM

8 18 Mth Hereford/Friesian x Steers
JB McQuade, Geraldine - CM
8 18Mth Angus/Hereford x Steers
K Ward-Smith, Te Moana - CM
5 2Yr Hereford/Friesian x Steers
Dawnmist Farm, Woodbury - C10

5 18Mth Red Poll Heifers
WR Blair, Geraldine - C10
4 18mth Hereford Friesian x Steers
D McKenzie, Fairlie - CM
4 12Mth Angus Steers
Allan Cameron, Waimate - CM
2 18Mth Friesian Steers

Total to Friday 15th March - 228

Peter Walsh & Associates

Cloudy Peaks Farms Ltd, Fairlie - C10
180 R2 Angus Gelbvieh X Steers
145 R2 Angus Gelbvieh X Heifers
Auctioneers Note: The above owner red cattle represent and excellent opportunity for finishing farmers to purchase lines of beef cattle that can be taken to heavy weights. Farm weighed the Steers averaged 440 kgs and the Heifers 415 kgs. 
Michael J & PM Laming, Waimate - CM
8 R2 Charolais Steers
19 R2 Friesian Hereford X Steers
19 R2 Friesian Hereford X Heifers
Morevale Farming Partnership, Fairlie - CM
  9 R2 Charolais Angus X Steers
16 R2 Charolais Angus X Heifers
ME & MJ Kingsbury, Oamaru - C10
5 R2 Beef X Steers
Davis Farm Partnership, Waimate - CM
6 R18 Month Hereford Friesian X Steers
C&C Carter, Pleasant Point - C10
5 Hereford Friesian X Heifer Calves
2 R18 Month Hereford Friesian X Heifers
Monument Road Farm Ltd, Pleasant Point - C10
14 R18 Month Friesian X Heifers
Trebell Farm, Waimate - C10
21 R18 Month Hereford Friesian Heifers
Yorks Drift Ltd, Oamaru - C10
20 R18 Month Angus Steers
JM Wollen, Oamaru - C10
6 R18 Month Shorthorn Hereford X Steers
Simon Butler Fencing Ltd, Oamaru - CM
4 R18 Month Angus Angus Hereford X Steers
4 R18 Month Angus Angus Hereford X Heifers
PA & LJ Stackhouse, Oamaru - C10
1 R18 Month Jersey Heifer
Clarebrook Farm Ltd, Timaru - C10
4 R18 Month Hereford Friesian Steers
4 R18 Month Hereford Friesian Heifers
Shenley Station, Fairlie - C10
10 Yearling Angus Bulls 
Sheardale Ltd, Timaru - CM
1 R18 Month Angus Bull
Charles Farm, Timaru - C10
4 R18 Month Angus X Steers

Total Cattle - 507

 J & S Chalmers - C10
4 Mixed sex Hereford Friesian 
 9 unrecorded X Bred dairy heifers
Jez Scott Kawara Gorge - C10
60 Angus & Angus Hereford Heifers
15 Angus & Angus Hereford Heifers
5 Angus Yearling Steers 
 Phimister farming - CM
 11 Friesian bull calves

Rural Livestock
A/C Client
9 Hereford Friesian Steer Calves, approx 170kg

A/C Client
15 HFX R2 Steers
45 HFX R2 Heifers

NZ Farmers Livestock

Wangapeka Holdings Ltd - C6
7 20mth Empty Heifers, non breeders
M & S Quantock
5 R2 Beef Bulls
Mackle Farming - C10
30 Hereford Friesian x M/S Calves
Mrs AJ Bland - CM
10 Hereford Friesian x Steer Calves
10 Hereford Friesian x Heifer Calves
MD & JG Burrows - C10
40 Hereford Friesian x Weaner Steers
60 Hereford Friesian x Weaner Heifers
Dromore Downs PMB Holdings 2005 Ltd - C10
20 Friesian x 2Yr MT Heifers (3 non breeders)
Wicklow Farms Ltd - C10
5 Beef x 15Mth Bulls