Sale Commences at 12:00 p.m.

Approximate Tallies for sale - All Firms:

NZ Farmers Livestock

Teagen Rodgers - CM
4 Hereford Friesian Steer Calves
5 Hereford Friesian Heifer Calves
Hickory Bay Farm - C10 (Owner Reared)
13 Autumn Born Friesian Bull Calves
Belmac Enterprises Ltd - C3 (Owner Reared)
17 Hereford Friesian Steer Calves
13 Hereford Friesian Heifer Calves
McRae Pastures - C10
30 Friesian Bull Calves
Rodgers Farming - CM
5 Angus Friesian Steer Calves
5 Angus Friesian Heifer Calves
Lanua Ltd - C4 (Owner Reared)
9 Hereford Friesian Bull Calves
8 Hereford Friesian Heifer Calves
Stoney Hills Trading Co Ltd - CM
30 Heifer Calves
Campbell Holdings
10 Angus Friesian Steers Calves
20 Angus Friesian Heifer Calves
10 Hereford Friesian M/S Calves
Riverholme Pastures - C10
12 Friesian Bull Calves
Cowland Ltd - C10 (Owner Reared)
5 Murray Grey M/S Calves
Kyle Farm (2005) Ltd - CM (Owner Reared)
7 Angus x Bull Calves
5 Hereford Friesian  Bull Calves
1 Hereford Friesian Heifer Calf
Walker & Sons Ltd - CM (Owner Reared)
5 Hereford Friesian Bull Calves
Dewood Ltd - C5
7 Hereford Friesian Bull Calves
7 Hereford Friesian Heifer Calves
6 Friesian x M/S Calves
Homelands Farming - CM
20 Hereford Friesian Autumn Born Steer Calves - Single Source
15 Hereford Friesian Autumn Born Heifer Calves - Single Source
Paparka Views - CM
10 Hereford Friesian Bull Calves
10 Hereford Friesian Heifer Calves

Tally - 269

PGG Wrightson Livestock

G Walker & R Brosnahan, Pleasant Point - CM
80 Hereford Friesian Steer Calves
30 Friesian Bull Calves
20 Hereford Friesian Heifer Calves
Wyndale Farm, Fairlie - CM
100 Friesian Bull Calves (WITHDRAWN this line only)
4 Hereford Friesian Autumn Born Steer Calves
7 Hereford Friesian Autumn Born Heifer Calves
J&JN Manson, Belfield - C10
70 Friesian Bull Calves
Kakahu Dairies, Kakahu - C10

15 Angus Friesian Bull Calves
15 Angus Friesian Heifer Calves
10 Murray Grey Bull Calves
10 Friesian Bull Calves
Spring River Farms, Ashburton - C8  WITHDRAWN
50 Friesian Bull Calves
Pottinger Farms, Hinds - C10

38 Friesian Bull Calves
Glentui Enterprises Ltd, Waimate - C10
29 Friesian Bull Calves
J&C Ovens, Oamaru - CM
25 Friesian Bull Calves
P Johnston & A Tiffen, Waihaorunga - C10
25 Friesian Bull Calves
Hooper Trustees, Seadown - C10

20 Hereford Friesian x Bull Calves
4 Hereford Friesian x Heifer Calves
Willbound Farm, Ashburton - C10  WITHDRAWN
20 Friesian Bull Calves
Treland Ltd
20 Crossbred Bull Calves
Woodbury Downs
10 Crossbred Heifer Calves (Half recorded)
10 Crossbred Bull Calves
IS&AJ Price, Fairview - C10
15 Hereford Friesian x Heifer Autumn Born Calves
Lewis Brockett Ltd
15 Friesian Bull Calves
D Rawlings, Waimate - CM
12 Friesian Bull Calves
TW Hayman
5 Angus Friesian MS Calves
Hinds Scout Group, Hinds - C10

5 Beef x M/S Calves
AJ Keen, Tinwald - CM
5 Autumn born Friesian/Hereford x Steere Calves
3 Friesian Bull Calves
Portside Ltd, Milford - C10
2 Crossbred Bull Calves
2 Crossbred Bull Claves

Total to 14 November  =  506

Hazlett Livestock

Kohique Farm, Lismore C10
20 Hereford Friesian Bulls
20 Hereford Friesian Heifers
20 Friesian Bulls
Moonshine Te Mara, Westerfield C10
10 Angus Friesian Bulls
10 Angus Friesian Heifers
20 Hereford Friesian Bulls
20 Hereford Friesian Heifers 
30 Friesian Bulls
5 Crossbred Bulls
Ashmore Farm, Duntroon C10
20 Friesian Bulls
Homecreek Farm, Geraldine CM
4 Beef X Calves

Tally as of 17/11 - 180

Peter Walsh & Associates
Seven Mile Farms Ltd, Oamaru - C4   WITHDRAWN
53 Friesian Bull Calves    WITHDRAWN
 1 Hereford Friesian Heifer Calf    WITHDRAWN
 1 Hereford Friesian Bull Calf     WITHDRAWN
MD Amyes, Ashburton - C10

50 Friesian Bull Calves
Elka Farms, Ashburton - C10
50 Friesian Bull Calves
Grakar Ltd, Temuka - CM
25 Friesian Bull Calves
13 Hereford Friesian Bull Calves
12 Hereford Friesian Heifer Calves
Beachcliff Farm, Waimate - C10
25 Hereford X Heifer Calves (autumn born)
15 Hereford X Steer Calves (autumn born)
IG Moore & Co, Hook - C10
35 Friesian Bull Calves
Motukaika Dairy, Cannington - C10
30 Friesian Bull Calves 
K Edmond, Timaru - CM
25 Friesian Bull Calves
Milk Drops Ltd, Oamaru -    WITHDRAWN
20 Hereford Friesian X Mixed Sex Calves
De Jong Dairy Farms, Oamaru -
20 Friesian Bull Calves
Gordon & Casey Partnership, Pleasant Point - CM
  6 Hereford Friesian Heifer Calves
  6 Hereford Friesian Bull Calves
  4 Friesian Bull Calves
G Deal, Ashburton - C10
  6 Beef X Bull Calves
  6 Beef X Heifer Calves
Harmers Herd Ltd, Ashburton - C10
11 Angus Friesian X Heifer Calves
Charles Farm, Timaru - C10
  4 Beef X Bull Calves (autumn born)
SM Welsh, Geraldine - C10
  4 Beef X Calves 
Shelley Ensor, Timaru  CM
 4 Beef X Bull Calves (Cow reared)

Our entries as at 9.30am 18.11.19 - 351

Winbourne Dairy
35 Hereford Frsn Calves WITHDRAWN
Sealach Dairy
50 Frsn Bull Calves
100 Here/Frsn Mixed Sex Calves
QF & HJ Sherriff, Clandeboye - C10
20 Friesian Bull Calves
20 Hereford Frsn Heifer Calves (Owner bred and reared)
Seven Mile Farms Ltd, Oamaru - C4 WITHDRAWN
50 Friesian Bull Calves
1 Hereford FrsnBull Calf
1 Hereford Frsn Heifer Calf
Verkirk Dairy - CM WITHDRAWN
15 Friesian Bull Calves
30 Hereford Frsn M/S Calves
15 Exotic Heifer Calves
Waterscape Dairies, Temuka - C10
30 Friesian Bull Calves
40 Hereford Frsn M/S Calves
(owner bred and reared)

    Tally at 15/11/2019 - 260



Rural Livestock

A G Wallace, Temuka (CM)
40 Friesian Bull Calves
R Bowman, Pleasant Point (CM)
20 Friesian Bull Calves
25 Hereford Friesian Steer Calves
25 Hereford Friesian Heifer Calves
Michelle Rihanna
4 Hereford Bull Calves
Hollingside Dairy, Hinds (C10)
40 Friesian Bull Calves
Bulk milk tested, clear of Mbovis 
B.G Morton Trust (C10)
80 Xbred Bulls (Autumn born)
40 Hereford x Heifers (Autumn born)
Waitaki Ham & Bacon, Oamaru 
50 Hereford x Bulls and Heifers

Our tallies as at 1.30pm 18/11/19 -324