Auction Schedule

Our current Auction Schedule is comprised of the following:


  • Every Monday - Sale of all Fat Stock (Sheep & Cattle), Store Sheep, Bobby Calves and Pigs
  • Every Thursday & every second Thursday in winter months - Store Cattle Sale
  • Early December - I.H.C. Calf Sale
  • January - Two-Tooth Ewe Fair
  • February - Annual Draft Ewe Fair and South Canterbury Flock Ram Fair
  • April - Five Weaner Beef Calf Sales (Eastern/ Southern, Mackenzie, Western, Fairlie Basin & Geraldine/Ashburtin/Chatham Islands Sections)
  • Early May - Beef In Calf Heifer Sale and Beef In Calf Cow Sale
  • July - In Lamb Ewe Fair

Auction Process

  • Vendors
    Vendors book their stock for sale at Temuka with one of five Livestock Companies trading at Temuka Saleyards. All stock must be accompanied with accurately filled Animal Status Declaration (ASD) Form.

  • Yarding of Stock
    Weekly Monday Sale:
    > All cattle must be yarded by 9:30 a.m.
    > All sheep must be yarded by 11:00 a.m.

    Thursday Store Cattle and & Special Cattle Sales:
    > All cattle must be yarded the night before the sale. The only exception is I.H.C Calf Sale held in early December when calves are yarded by 11:00 a.m. on the day of Sale.
    Special Sheep Sales:
    > Sheep can be yarded the night prior or in the morning of Sale.

  • Purchasers

    All potential Purchasers must register prior to the sale and receive a Purchaser Number.
    This can be done either online from the Home Page of this website OR in person at the PGG Wrightson Ltd Livestock office at Temuka Saleyards.

    The information required from you:
    > Name
    > Trading Name
    > Address
    > Phone Number
    > Email Address
    > NAIT Number (for Cattle)
    > Name of Livestock Company you have a credit account with
    > Arranged Transport Operator

    When registering online the potential Purchaser should allow at least 24 hours for their account to be approved for online bidding by the Company advised. Once approved a permanent Purchaser Number will be assigned to them which will be used by the auctioneer to identify the Purchaser at the fall of the hammer. This number can also be used when the Purchaser is in person at Temuka Saleyards.

    When registering at the PGG Wrightson Ltd Livestock office at Temuka Saleyards a temporary Purchaser Number will be assigned which can be used only on the day of registration.

    If the Purchaser won the auction when in the Selling Centre, they need to present their number to the auctioneer. If the auction won online, the online auction system will present their number to the auctioneer.

    During the sale conducted by the auctioneers of the participating Companies, potential Purchasers will bid on desired stock following the normal auction rules where the fall of the hammer declares the end of bidding and the winning bid.

    Payment for the livestock purchased at Temuka saleyards is subject to Terms of Trade of the individual selling Company. The individual selling Companies are responsible for conducting the auctions. TESSCO South Canterbury Limited will not accept any responsibility for any problem arising from the auction process. Any disputes whether in the rostrum or online should be taken up with the selling Company.

  • Auction Terms and Conditions - The New Zealand Stock & Station Agents Association (can be found here)