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Q: What do I need to do to be able to bid online?

A: You need to register on and activate your account on this online auction platform by following the prompts. To bid online you also need to have an active trading account with at least one of the Livestock Companies which are operating at Temuka Saleyards who must approve your credit. Make sure that you select an appropriate Livestock Company (or Companies) so that we could contact them and get their approval as soon as possible. Normally we require at least 24 hours for that. Once approved you are set to go – happy bidding!

Q: What stock can I buy online at Temuka Saleyards?
A: At present we only livestream cattle sales. All types of cattle which are sold at Temuka can be purchased online, including prime, store, calf and in calf. We are currently preparing the infrastructure for the online auction for sheep. We hope it will become available in the near future.


Q: I have won the auction and the auctioneer announced the Buyer Number. What does that mean?
A: When your account is approved for online bidding you are issued a Temuka Buyer Number which is displayed on the Auctioneer’s screen every time you bid and when you win the auction. This number is your PERMANENT Temuka Buyer Number. If you have enough credit with your charging livestock firm you can use this number when you purchase any stock sold at Temuka Saleyards, including sheep and feeder calves.


Q:  What device should I use for online bidding?
A: You can use any smart type device, whether it is desktop computer, laptop, tablet/iPad or mobile phone. Just keep in mind, the older the device the less responsive it is to cutting edge technology. 
Although our online auction platform is compatible with all popular browsers, it works better on Google Chrome. If you are an Apple product user and wish to bid online, you might want to download Chrome by following THIS LINK


Q: Should I always log in to even if I only want to watch the auction and don’t want to bid?
A: There are 2 ways to access the auction:
1) Log in > choose the appropriate Sale > Register for auction > Attend – this is both for bidding and/or watching;
2) View Only (the button under Log In or Register field) – just watching, with reduced functionality. This button is displayed only when the auction lane is open and the livestreaming app is engaged.


Q: The video is too small. I struggle to see the stock. Can I make it bigger?
A: We are aware of the problem and currently working on a better output. Please ensure that the Zoom Level of your computer screen is at 100%. The smaller percentage the bigger the video, but be mindfull of the fact that this reduces the size of the text on Bidder UI.


Q: Can I get the Summary of the stock I purchased online?
A: Yes, you can. On Your Account page click on My Activity tab in the top bar. There you can generate this Report using one of the 2 types of search criteria – either by Date Range or by Events. You can then either download this Report in PDF or email it to the email address of your choice (up to 5 email addresses in one go).
You can also download this report in Excel from My Activity > Buyer Activity > PURCHASES.

This video will show you how.


Q: Why do I not see any stock in the Catalogues of the scheduled Events?
A: Temuka livestock auctions are hectic, “real time” environment when the stock is delivered to the saleyard and penned up either in the morning of the sale (Prime Cattle or Young Calves) or the night before the sale (Store Cattle, Calves in April). Depending on the type of the cattle sold, the Catalogues are created accordingly. But even with the Store Cattle, there are always last-minute changes. As the Catalogue which gets uploaded into the system sets the order of the online auction, we prefer to make it as accurate as possible and upload it once all the changes are finalised. Not ideal but such is the nature of the beast. To get a better idea of what is coming for sale we recommend you using where the information about the entries is up-to-date. 
One hour before the auction we start streaming our pre-sale video which includes the photos of the livestock which will be sold on the day. This might be of some help to you, too.


Q: Are there any special rules I need to know about on how to bid online?
A: There are no special rules. Online auction is an extension of the live auction which happens in the Selling Pavilion of Temuka Saleyards. We call it a hybrid auction hence all the rules of a traditional auction apply to both - Online and the Floor. Basically, the Auctioneer is in charge, counting the bids and knocks down the final price. On the fall of the hammer the bidding stops and the item is sold. When you place your bid on the Auctioneer’s asking price, he then has a split second to decide whether he accepts it or takes the Floor (the same way as if you were bidding from the gallery). The only difference is that the Clerk has to react to this too by either accepting your bid or overriding it with the Floor within the online auction system. Sometimes it can lead to another split-second latency. OR sometimes a human error can be at play which takes time to fix while the auction is still going. If this happens, the best thing for you is to take a deep breath and wait until things are back on track and then get back into action. If you have reservations regarding the outcome of the auction you can always dispute it by either contacting the selling firm or the Livestreaming Team through live chat, email, or phone call.