PGG Wrightson Livestock

EM Peck Farms, 'Clifton' Totara Valley. 
270 2th Wairere Romney shorn ewes
180 4th Wairere Romney shorn ewes
348 6th Wairere Romney shorn ewes. 
Wairere Romney Ram 5 April. Scanned in lamb 182%, 2 cycles.
Campo/Toxo 5:1 program. 
Outstanding line of contemporary high fertility 
capital stock ewes coming forward due to change
Enquires:  Jonty Hyslop 027 595 6450 

KJ Connolly, Milford
76 MA Romney Ewes (2th - 4 Yr Old)
SIL 176% Suffolk & Sth Suffolk Ram 5/3/22
10 AD Romney Ewes
SIL 190% Suffolk & Sth Suffolk Ram 5/3/22
Maguinness Farm, Waitohi
50 MA Romney Ewes (Turanganui Bred)
SIL 170% Romney Ram 8/3/22 1st Cycle
Sth Suffolk Ram 2nd Cycle
6 MA South Suffolk Ewes
SIL 100% Sth Suffolk Ram 8/3/22 1st cycle
Texel Ram 2nd Cycle
MJ&LE Crossen, Southburn
30 AD Border Romney x Ewes
RW Suffolk Ram 23/3/22
Fourwinds P/Ship, Fairlie
22 4 Yr Coopdale Ewes 
SIL Suftex Ram 185% due 20 August
JSA Woods, Claremont
16 Wiltshire Ewes
5 MA Wiltshire Ewes
Wiltshire Ram 10/3/22

Our Tally as at 26 June - 1013

Hazlett Livestock

Hughes Partnership, Morven
220 5 year old Corriedale ewes
     Blackface ram 1st April     S.I.L 175%
  60 2th Coopworth X ewes
     Blackface ram 1st April     S.I.L. 165%
McKnight Family Trust, Timaru
  90 4 year old Romney ewes
     Blackface ram 25th March     S.I.L. 168%
  30 2th Coopworth X ewes
     Blackface ram 25th March     S.I.L. 168%
  12 2th Coopdale ewes
     Blackface ram 25th March     S.I.L. 168%

Rural Livestock

Gladsmuir Ltd, Middlemarch 
340 Turanganui Romney 1 year Ewes
Will be scanned in lamb to a Suffolk Ram due 5/9/22
(3 months wool)
Animal health history
Toxo , campo and 5 in 1 programme.

 Our tally as at 23/6 - 340

CFL, Mayfield
171 Mixed Age Romney Ewes Scanned 173%
114 2th Romney Ewes Scanned 150%
2ths have had and reared lambs
Poll Dorset and BeltexSuffX Rams
Teasers went out 19th March, Rams 2ns April