Approximate Tallies for Sale - All Firms:

Steers                                     49
Heifers                                    37
Cows                                      341
Bulls                                        20

Store Lambs                          3200
Prime Lambs                          979
Prime Ewes                            420
One-shear Ewes                    100
Rams                                       10

Rural Livestock

Brookdale Farming Ltd, Milton (WITHDRAWN)
100 Romney x 2Tooths
Run with Cheviot Ram 
Due 17/09
Glenshee Station, Ranfurly (C10)
38 Hereford Cows
We Will Offer
100 Prime Ewes 
15 Prime Cows

Our tally as at 23/6 - Sheep- 100 Cattle -53

PGG Wrightson Livestock

ET Beattie, Lee Stream
300 Romdale Wether Lambs (Shorn)
300 Romdale Ewe Lambs (Shorn)
Second Timers, Waimate
340 Crossbred Mixed Sex Forward Store Lambs
Avalee Ltd, Lee Stream
100 Romney Wether Lambs (Shorn)
100 Romney Ewe Lambs (Shorn)
Fourwinds P/Ship, Fairlie
150 Coopdale Mixed Sex Lambs (shorn)
MR Kelynack, Cannington
100 Romney Wether Lambs
K Tisdall, Hindon
34 Romdale Ewe Lambs (Shorn)
33 Romdale Crypt Lambs (Shorn)
BW&AM Tisdall Farming, Hindon

45 Romney x Mixed Sex Lambs
G Edgar, Outram
43 Romney Texel Mixed Sex Lambs
Riverview Farm Co. Albury

40 Romney Lambs

Our tallies as at 26 June 

Steers           1
Heifers          10
Cows         190
Bulls           3
Total Cattle         204

1 Shr Ewes & Wethers  99
Prime Ewes         294
Prime Lambs         371
Store Lambs        1634
Total Sheep        2398

Beaconsfield Farm, Warrington

80 Perendale Ewe & Wether Lambs
Hazlett Livestock

Wharekauri Holdings, Chatham Islands
400 M/S Romney X Shorn Store Lambs (forward)
G Goomes, Chatham Islands
220 M/S Romney X Woolly Store Lambs
FD Stewart, Totara Valley
220 Terminal X Store Ewe Lambs
DA Wood, Monavale
130 Perendale X Store Lambs
McQueen Farming Partnership, Waitohi
100 M/S XBred Store Lambs
J Kamo, Chatham Islands
90 M/S Romney Shorn Store Lambs (forward)
Shanedale Fishing Co Ltd, Chatham Islands
50 M/S Romney X Shorn Store Lambs 

Our entries inclusive of above:

CATTLE      97
Bulls                     16
Steers      22
Heifers               5
Cows                    53
Rigs                       1

SHEEP     1834
Prime Lambs       404
Store Lambs     1430

NZ Farmers Livestock

Prime Heifers    22
Prime Steers     26
Cows                 45

Prime Lambs   174
Ewes                 23
One-shear          2
Ram                   1

1 Rig (Wagyu)

H Mckeown, Mayfield

120 Wiltshire Wether and Ewe Lambs   
(under withholding, 1st July 2022 scan)
We will offer:
47 Prime and Store Sheep